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This short course has been sunsetted, superseeded by the
"Amended Owners Corporation Legislation Refresher

OCRA Short Course

Owners Corporation Regulations Amendments

Following the recent update of the Owners Corporation Act 2006, the Owners Corporation Regulations 2018 have also been updated.


The OCRA Short Course has been developed as a modular extension of the OCAA Intensive. It aims to get participants "up to speed" on the changes to the Owners Corporation Regulations 2018 in under one hour.

Learning Outcomes:

The OCRA Short Course will provide participants with knowledge of relevant changes and additions pertaining to the Owners Corporation Regulation amendments. 

  • Creation/amendment of regulations by delegated authority

  • Participating via teleconference and videoconference

  • Data requirements when voting in writing or electronically at a meeting

  • Proxy restrictions clarification

  • Proxy form updates

  • Committee meeting attendance clarification (Reg 9)

  • Additional records (Reg 11A)

  • Changes to the public register of Managers

  • Changes/additions to the grievance procedure (R7)

  • Changes to model rules

  • Smoking

  • Fire safety advice 

  • Additional safeguards for peaceful enjoyment, safety and security

  • Conditions relating to sustainability items

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