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This short course has been sunsetted, superseeded by the
"Amended Owners Corporation Legislation Refresher

SMTI Certification:
OwnersCorporations Act Amendments 2021

OCAA Student Feedback -

"a good balance of hard/easy questions and the questions that required us to refer back to the Act were fantastic to get me familiar with it"

From 1st December 2021, laws governing Owners Corporations in Victoria will be overhauled.

Whether you are an active Strata Manager, a supplier to the Strata Industry, or you live or own in an Owners Corporation. The SMTI OCAA certification will confirm all of the essential knowledge you require to grasp the reach and effect of the legislative changes as they pertain to Owners Corporations in Victoria. 

Learning Outcomes:


The OCAA Assessment confirms participants broad practical knowledge of the Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendment Act 2021. Specifically, how these legislative amendments will effect Owners Corporations, Owners Corporation Managers & other relevant stakeholders.

Learning outcomes include knowledge of provisions stemming from the legislative amendments pertaining to or effecting matters including (but not limited to):

  • Commencement

  • Tier classification

  • The common seal

  • Financial reporting & auditing

  • Maintenance plans

  • Managers report

  • Owners corporation insurances

  • Disposal of dumped goods

  • Initial owner obligations

  • Appointment of manager & contract terms

  • Managers duties & obligations

  • Committee

  • Proxy voting

  • Quorum

  • VCAT, proceedings, disputes & complaints

  • Special rules

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