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Decision Making (Victoria)


This short course provides participants with essential knowledge of the requirements, composition, and effect of Owners Corporation decision making processes.

From what type of resolution is required to voting weight and process that must be followed. Decision making will provide Strata Managers with a clear and concise guide to help best support and guide their clients.

This short course will provide participants with knowledge in the following areas:

  • The purpose and structure of a motion and a resolution.

  • The purpose, scope and process required for the three types of resolutions:

    • Ordinary Resolution

    • Special Resolution

    • Unanimous Resolution

  • The scope and process required when conducting interim resolutions. 

  • Voting options, requirements and components, which includes:

    • Show of hands at a meeting

    • Poll vote at a meeting

    • Postal ballot. 

  • Voting restrictions, including:

    • Members in arrears

    • Proxy voting restrictions

    • Non-lot owner voting restrictions

  • Committee decision making scope.

  • Other aspects such as:

    • Quorum

    • How to proceed in a meeting with no attendees

    • Commissioning a ballot

    • Breaking a deadlock in voting


Participation includes a self-guided assessment that reviews key concepts from the session. The assessment process offers many benefits, including:

  • A method to test and reinforce critical knowledge. 

  • Obtaining a Certificate of Completion and Linkedin Certification on successful completion.

  • The assessment provides management with oversight of staff learning engagement and effectiveness. 

  • The assessment offers measurable learning outcomes. 

  • SMTI training includes knowledge gap-filling support to assist participants on an as-needed basis.

This short course and assessment have received CPD approval from SCA Vic allowing participants to accrue vital CPD points.



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